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When I started selling real estate in 2009, we were in the middle of the Great Recession. The real estate market was tough. And there were 19,000 agents and brokers all fighting for listings in Atlanta.

At that time I had two young kids and failure was not an option. In such a tough market, you had to be different to stand out with so much competition around. So, while learning what worked is helpful, I couldn’t just do what others were doing and expect to succeed.

In my first year in business, I was the number one in Atlanta. I didn’t sell a whole bunch of property because it was 2009 but I did enough to be the number one individual agent. Over the next several years, I doubled my production almost every year.


After several years of high growth, I continued to evolve, building up my small personal team to about nine people and starting Ansley Real Estate. I’ve continued to use simple but impactful differentiators to continue to grow both my personal sales and my agency ever since. And between 2021 and 2022, I personally sold more than $920 million in real estate and Ansley Real Estate sold more than $6 billion.

In Brokering Billions I teach agents the mindset, systems, and strategies I used to personally become the #1 Agent in the South according to The Wall Street Journal and my agents at Ansley Real Estate use to sell billions of dollars in real estate every year.

The systems and strategies are refreshingly simple and take no special skills or personality traits.

They’re designed to help any agent succeed and are simple and flexible enough to allow any agent to focus on whatever tasks they do well while delegating or outsourcing the tasks that are better done by others.

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